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Our students learn...

Independence: How to be responsible for and help themselves.
Problem Solving and Decision Making:  How to think through their challenges to make mature, responsible decisions.
Persistence: How to overcome even the largest obstacles through perseverance and believing in themselves.
Positive Esteem & Positive Self–image:  Self–respect and internalize self–worth from accomplishing their planned goals
We believe building these qualities through gymnastics achievement enhances a child’s resiliency and ability to excel in any sport or any situation.

In our gymnastics programs, you’ll see children performing at accomplished levels of gymnastics and those performing at fundamental levels. Our emphasis is not on who’s the fastest, the strongest or the best, but on the adventure of growth and learning.

We use gymnastics achievement to inspire your child to enjoy learning.  Not just in gym class but at home, at school, whether they’re climbing a tree or doing math homework—learning is life’s highest adventure!

Here we believe that for a child to embrace physical education as an integral part of their lifestyle, it must be challenging, it must be intriguing and it must be fun! The essential ingredient of “fun” increases a child’s learning retention and makes any learning situation engaging and memorable.

Class Schedules:

Parent & Tot Classes (Ages Walking - 3)

Web Walkers is our Parent & Tot class.  Students and their parents may register for two classes a week for the price of one!

Preschool Gymnastics Classes (Ages 3-4)

Nano Bytes are coed gymnastics classes for 3 year old children to learn fundamental skills and have fun doing it.

Preschool Gymnastics Classes (Ages 4-5)

Our preschool gymnastics classes are for ages 4-5 and focus more on development of fundamental skills and shapes. 

Our 5 year old classes teach recreational basics to prepare them for our Recreational Programs.

Boys Developmental


Hyperlinks and Hyperlinks 2
This class is the first step into a pre-competitive environment, and will follow the Junior Olympic level 4 curriculum. In this class, athletes will begin connecting skills and developing routines on several events. They will continue developing their strength and flexibility, using plyometric circuits and body weight, focusing on maintaining proper body shapes.

Girls Developmental


Girls Basic - Intro to Gymnastics Classes
Entry level for beginning gymnasts. The focus is fundamental shaping, rolling, strength. Building a strong technical foundation.
Jade - Level 1 Gymnastics Classes
This is the first upgrade from the basic level. Students build on the skills and technique developed in the Girls Basic program. Gymnasts refine rolling, cartwheeling, balance elements on all apparatus as well as continue progressing to technique improvement on foundation skills while working on adding more difficult skills and combinations.
Ping - Level 2 Gymnastics Classes
Gymnasts having passed the Jade evaluation elements may enroll in the Ping program. With increased shape awareness, strength, flexibility and general knowledge of skills the class will work on increasing technical definition and difficulty on all elements.
Samba - Level 3 Gymnastics Classes
Samba encourages growth and development in strength and conditioning to allow athletes to build on the foundation skills achieved in the previous classes. With strength and consistency the gymnast will develop more safely. We recommend 2 classes a week at this level. This is an intermediate level class.